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Sarong Printers

These are some of the faces of Sarong printers I work with in the village in India. Besides hand printing, they have just stepped up to their first automatic fabric printing machine allowing them to print our unique designs for our sarongs. The Indian machine has proven to be much more reliable than the Chinese version and quite a few more factories are installing them. Everyone here works hard and they all love their job and their boss.

Kahloo and Mena have been working at this factory for at least seven years and Kahloo has bought himself a nice two bedroom unit not far from the factory. He is the hand printing sarong master. Mena is the Chai lady and keeps everyone going with her constant Chai making. It gets very hot up here in the ‘Kutch’ and people tend to sleep on the roofs of their houses to to get a cool nights rest! Good printing weather at 42 degrees most days. This village has been printing saris here since 320 BC! We have been very privileged to get this opportunity to be involved with their process of sarong printing. Pretty amazing really!

Derek Taylor

Founder of Nude Beach Australia

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