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Sarong Design – The Story Behind the Design

The Tattoo sarong design: A pirate is sailing along and is drawn onto the reef buy the vision of a beautiful Mermaid combing her hair on a rock. The ship hits the reef and the captain throws out the  anchor to save the ship. But the mermaid plunges a dagger into the pirates heart and he falls overboard and plunges down with the anchor. His skull can be seen on the ocean floor next to the anchor with flowers in his eye sockets. The mermaid did this so she could possess his spirit an they could be lovers forever. The Pirate’s spirit lives on as a skeleton surfer riding huge ocean swells on the Bombora! All of his crew turned into turtles, seahorses and other creatures that also inhabit the reef with him.

Fanciful, maybe, but that is the story behind the drawing I made into a sarong print for you to wear and enjoy! Hope you like it.

Derek Taylor

Founder of Nude Beach Australia


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