VW Kombi and VW Beetle Items

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  • Mens Beach Shirt Kombi

  • Linen Tea Towel-Kombi & palm tree

  • Cotton sarong 210cm: Beetle Cam

  • Cotton sarong 210cm: Beetle Blue


  • T-Shirt Flying Kombi Smoke grey

  • T-Shirt Volkslager Black


Embracing the Classic Charm of VW Kombi and Beetle

Dive into the nostalgic world of VW Kombi and VW Beetle with our unique collection of clothing and accessories at Nude Beach Australia. Each item in our ‘VW Kombi and VW Beetle Items’ category captures the iconic and timeless spirit of these beloved vehicles. Our range includes the quirky and artistic, from linen tea towels adorned with Kombi and palm tree designs to sarongs featuring imaginative Beetle transformations. These products aren’t just items; they’re tributes to the classic VW era, blending functionality with a love for these automotive icons.

A Creative Twist on VW Beetle and Kombi Apparel

Our VW Beetle and Kombi clothing line is designed for enthusiasts who appreciate creativity and style. The ‘Beetle Cam’, ‘Beetle Purple’, and ‘Beetle Blue’ cotton sarongs showcase an extraordinary metamorphosis of Beetle cars into Scarab beetles, symbolizing a journey from the modern to the mystical. For T-shirt aficionados, our ‘Beetle Bug’ and ‘Flying Kombi’ designs offer a fresh and fun perspective on these classic cars, blending automotive passion with artistic flair. Each T-shirt, made with high-quality materials and ethical production practices, reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Unique and Thoughtful Designs for VW Fans

At Nude Beach Australia, we understand that VW Kombi and Beetle enthusiasts are not just fans of cars; they’re aficionados of a cultural phenomenon. That’s why we’ve introduced the ‘Volkslager’ T-shirt, a creative amalgamation of a classic beer label and the front of a Splitty. Our designs are more than just prints; they’re hand-drawn expressions of our passion for VW culture, protected by design registration for authenticity. Whether you’re decorating your home or updating your wardrobe, our VW Kombi and VW Beetle items bring a piece of automotive history into your everyday life.