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Frequently asked Questions about our Sarong, Pareo and Beach Wear range:


Q: What is a sarong?

A: ‘Sarong’ or ‘Sarung’ is a Malay and Indonesian word meaning ‘sheath’. A good quality sarong is soft, comfortable and easy to tie. Read more information: the definition of sarong.

Q: How long are your sarongs?

A: They are 2.1 meters in length, which is 300mm longer than the normal 1.8 m. This means that larger women can wear them easily and they are great as a throw or at the beach as an extra large piece of fabric to lay on.

Q: Some of the darker colours feel stiffer than the lighter ones. Do they soften up after a wash or two?

A: Darker colours tend to absorb more pigment and are naturally stiffer. I tend to were them to death before washing them the first time. They soften up much quicker then. I have sarongs and pants that I have worn heaps and they are s-oo-oo soft now. All of the prints end up that way eventually.

Q: How colourfast are your prints?

A: Printed colours are much more resilient than dyed colours, but all will fade over time. drying them in the sun, wearing them to the beach heaps, there are many factors that will affect colour fastness. That can be a cool bonus, depends on which way you look at it. Generally though, my prints are better than average.

Q: Do you send your products outside of Australia?

A: We certainly do! We have plenty of happy customers around the world who love our threads. Please do see our list of countries at check out, or contact us at