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Hey my gorgeous turtle sarong has been with me almost every day!! i use it for everything, from the island it has now become a scaf/raincoat/blanket/towel…. it’s been on all sorts of adentures… then my matching (very goovy) bag has even more stories to tell… the holes in the side and colourful paint frm the kids tell it all!! Nude beach travel essentials!! – Hanna Blackburn. 

Gayle-zanzibar Hi Derek, both Gayle and I took a pair of your beach pants on our recent trip to Africa, they were fantastic, cool, easy to wash and dry and had lots of positive comments each time we wore them. Great product. – Mark & Gayle Thompson.

Hi Derek, I received my sarong in the mail on Monday, thank you very much. I purchased three in December to give as Christmas gifts and they were so well received that I felt that I should have one myself. I love the choice of patterns and colours, they make excellent gifts, the price is right and the prompt service is excellent.
Thanks again! – Pam Ward

Hi Derek, THANK YOU !!!!! I have been showing all my girls your wonderful products, with very positive responses, so hope that means more online sales for you LOL! The extra bag (beautiful) will be making its way to Canada in a couple of weeks with my daughter’s girlfriend ! Your cotton voile, fabric designs and colour ways are quintessential ! Love the Japanese graphics influence in my favourite Turtle design. (it will be hard to beat so really think it is a classic already!) Living in tropical Mackay Queensland I wear your sarongs for almost nine months of the year! So with the heat and humidity my sarongs get washed everyday and after years of wear they still look as fresh as the day I bought them! I love the Nude Beach collection it is simply exquisite ! Nude Beach has taken the humble beach sarong to a new level ! Elegant colourful designs on fine quality cotton voile, you can mix n match, fashionable enough to wear anywhere it’s hot, yet look and feel COOL ! I believe every woman should wrap her naked body in the exquisite feel of a Nude Beach sarong, so light it feels like nothing at all ! So keep creating and designing! Cheers – Linda 😉

For the past couple of months I’ve been looking for a bag to take to Bali with me. I have the appropriate leather shoulder bag to hold all my travel documents for the plane flights etc but I wanted a lightweight soft fabric bag to use in Bali. In my search for the perfect bag I found that most fabric bags were just a basic “hold all” with shoulder straps. Some did have a small zip compartment in the front but the majority didn’t. I’m not fond of these types of bags as invariably you are always searching frantically for your purse as it tends to get lost in within the contents of the bag and there is just no way you can organise your personal things in this type of bag. After much searching I’m pleased to say I have now found my bag and I’m really excited about it. It is a good quality and well made bag and more pleasing to me is that it’s Australian designed. The bag is from the “nude beach” collection. So I decided to track them down on the net. I found their website it had such a good range of bags with great prints and cool colour combinations and you can even purchase a sarong to match your bag. Now not only was I impressed with the product I was extremely impressed with the outstanding customer service I received. I shop on-line a lot and I’ve never had service where I been personally contacted by the owner regarding my order. The standard procedure has always been an impersonal email from the warehouse advising that the product is out of stock and I’ve been placed on “back order”. Derek has certainly set the bar high with his personalised customer service and his passion for his product. I am so recommending Derek Taylor, his website and his “nude beach” collections to my friends anyone who enquires when they see me out and about with my “perfect bag”. – Regards. Pam Francis 

Hi Derek, Thanks for writing back so soon 🙂 I live in the interior of BC in Kelowna, which is part of the Okanagan region. It is surrounded by lakes and beaches and everyone loves to come here for the summer and the winter for snowboarding. I know the sarongs would sell very well because it is a very touristy town!

I bought the turtle design – the lighter beige and aqua colored one -I love it! Here’s a picture of me wearing it to a wedding. – Erika Makausas (Canada)

I am the Manager of the Day Spa and have not had the experience of using them although I launder between 10 and 15 daily. I have found that they appear better with the massage oils and have not shown any signs of staining or discolouration. They are light and easy to wash and dry quickly.  Our clients have commented on the designs and appear impressed with the change! – Ian Gilbert “Urban retreat day spa.”

“Cool comfortable and great designs! I love my beach pants and sarong! Mal and i travel overseas a lot and I take my  “Nude Beach” gear with me everywhere!” – Jane Pentreath

Message: Prior to Christmas I was looking for sarongs to form part of Christmas presents for my daughter and future daughter in law. We all enjoyed a spa treatment at a resort in Noosa. In my search I was amazed at how little was available out there until I came upon your website. I ordered the sarongs and was absolutely delighted at what I received. These sarongs are light to wear and so much larger that others that I have purchased in the past. I was extremely happy with my purchase and would certainly go straight to your website for any further purchases. –Denny Baker

Message: Those are very good quality sarongs. I’ve ordered 150 for our spa and am very pleased with the purchase. Size is excellent to fit our big treatment beds, oil stains are washing off easily. They are much more pleasant to lay down on than the towels and give the treatment room higher quality look. I’ve requested white sarongs so we had to wait for them to be shipped from overseas but it was worth waiting.
Agnieszka Lisowska. Manager. Red Ochre Spa, Yulara Resort. NT

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