Cotton sarong 210cm: Reef-nu-Blue

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Cotton Sarong 210cm long: A cotton sarong is perfect beach or resort wear. Cotton voile sarongs can be used as a beach cover-up and even as a towel to dry yourself off with. Tie them into a dress, skirt or as a shawl to keep the summer sun off your shoulders. Sarong prints all designed in Australia. Sarong size; 110cm wide 210cm long. 30cm longer than normal.

See: “How to tie a sarong video”. Small screen icon on bottom left of sarong image.

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Discover the ultimate beach and poolside companion in our cotton sarong, perfect for lounging or relaxing by the water. Referred to as sarongs, pareos in Europe, and beach wraps in America. These versatile cotton voile sarongs serve as stylish beach cover-ups or convenient towels for drying off.

Get creative by fashioning them into dresses, skirts, or shawls, providing both fashion and function to shield you from the warm summer sun.

Designed in Australia, our sarong prints carry unique stories, each crafted by me. I’m confident you’ll connect with the narratives behind the prints, adding an extra layer of meaning to your sarong experience. They last forever and don’t fade.

The Print: This is my impressions of snorkelling over the great barrier Reef and looking down on the coral and fish at Upolu cay off Cairns. A magical weekend with some good mates and a high-powered speed boat.

Ethics: My designs all are hand printed in a small village in India. Support “Nude Beach” and you help the people in the Indian village where I go to print my stuff.

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1 review for Cotton sarong 210cm: Reef-nu-Blue

  1. D’Arcy

    This is my personal favourite (I have it on a black background). Who doesn’t love a Nemo fish sarong? I always have a sarong (or two) in my bag when going to the beach. One to dry off with and the other to keep me warm and protected from sun after. Whimsical and versatile.


      Thanks D’Arcy, you are a legend.

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