Cotton sarong 210cm -Seahorse/Shell Lav & pink

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Cotton Sarong 210cm: These sarongs are perfect beach or resort wear. Cotton voile sarongs can be used as a beach cover-up and even as a towel to dry yourself off with. Tie them into a dress, skirt or as a shawl to keep the summer sun off your shoulders. Sarong prints all designed in Australia. Sarong size; 110cm wide 210cm long. 30cm longer than normal.

See our: How to tie a sarong videos to see all of the different ways to wear a sarong.

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A cotton sarong will elevate your beach and resort attire.
The perfect blend of style and comfort also known as a beach wrap. Made from cotton voile, these sarongs serve as versatile essentials, doubling as a chic beach cover-up or a practical towel for drying off.
Be creative by fashioning them into dresses, skirts, or shawls, providing sun protection during summer. These larger-than-normal sarongs, measuring 2.1m in length designed for Western women, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit. Be inspired by the rich traditions of Southeast Asian women. Use these versatile garments that have been utilized as clothing, baby carriers, and as functional accessorie.
Sarongs are the most versatile item anyone can have, seamlessly blending fashion and functionality for a variety of purposes.

The Print: The Sea horse & Shell print is inspired by my time spent living in Cairns and diving on the Great Barrier reef and the wonderful creatures living in their tiny worlds amongst the coral.

The Fabric: Made from soft 100% Cotton voile. Nude Beach sarongs are 2.1 meters in length, which gives and extra 300mm to enable them to be tied easily and accommodate larger sizes. True plus size sarongs for the beach for bigger people.

Ethics: All the prints on these sarongs are my design. Support “Nude Beach” and you help the people in the Indian village where I go to print my stuff.

See our: How to tie a sarong videos to see all of the different ways to wear a sarong.

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