Cotton sarong 210cm Batik Tattoo-Aqua


Cotton Sarong 210cm: These sarongs are perfect beach or resort wear. Cotton voile sarongs can be used as a beach cover-up and even as a towel to dry yourself off with. Tie them into a dress, skirt or as a shawl to keep the summer sun off your shoulders. Sarong prints all designed in Australia by me.

See our: How to tie a sarong videos to see all of the different ways to wear a sarong.

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The cotton sarong will elevate your beachand resort wardrobe to a new casual level, also recognized as beach wraps. These versatile cotton voile sarongs serve dual purposes, functioning as both a stylish beach cover-up and a practical towel for drying off.

Unleash your creativity by transforming them into dresses, skirts, or shawls, offering a fashionable shield against the sun’s rays during the summer months.

Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of Southeast Asian women, who have embraced sarongs for centuries, these multipurpose garments have served as clothing, baby carriers, and functional accessories for transporting vegetables and household items.

A sarong stands out as the ultimate must-have for any woman, showcasing unparalleled versatility in fashion and practicality.

The Print: Heaps happening in this print! Mermaids, sailing ships and skeleton ghost surfers. Not to mention all the sea-life and mermaids on the reef!

Ethics: All the prints on these sarongs are my design. Support “Nude Beach” and you help the people in the Indian village where I go to print my stuff.

See our: How to tie a sarong videos to see all of the different ways to wear a sarong.

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