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Nude Beach sarongs

By May 19, 2012November 23rd, 2023One Comment
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Nude Beach sarongs

Hello world! Nude Beach sarongs new web site is up and running! YEH! It’s taken six months of hard work, to get to this stage! Thanks to Reide for the web design, Rachel and Jum for the modeling and to Margot, Pup, Kim and John for the photography! Every one has put in so much to help us out here at Nude Beach Australia and I want to thank them all for their time and effort!

The Australia post pluggin calculates your freight within Australia and overseas! Fantastic stuff! We are offering free freight for bundled purchases for both local and overseas buyers! Not to mention the new garments and styles that we are now offering, besides sarongs.

So much for all the excitement! Now for the bones of the Blog!

This blog is all about sarongs for the beach! Great Beaches, good things to wear on the beach from other sites and general advice about beach safety such as rips, tides and things to look out for when you are at the beach. Hopefully stuff that will make your beach experience safer and more enjoyable, with pictures to accompany these helpful l hints. I also cannot wait to update you on our upcoming projects, sarongs, and designs for beach dresses.

First, find out more about our nude beach sarongs.

Derek Taylor

Founder of Nude Beach Australia

One Comment

  • Rachel says:

    I’ve got a pair of these pants too and they’re so comfortable to wear to the beach and the gym! the new website is also so well designed great job !

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