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Sarong – Story Behind the Baby Logo

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Sarong – Story Behind the Baby Logo

I am often asked why did I choose the name “Nude Beach” for my label and why the nude baby?

The name “Nude Beach” came to me in a dream, believe it or not! Mainly because the Cotton Voile fabric I had found in India was so soft it felt like you were wearing “nothing at all”. It has nothing to do with being naked, but more to do with feeling free. I have often had people commenting on the fabric and asking me if it was silk. When I tell them it is cotton they are surprised and say they have never felt cotton so soft and of such high quality.

I also find that most people never forget the name “Nude beach” because it is so “left of centre”! I have translated the name into 50 or more languages just for a bit of fun, but have some interesting phrases come out of that. I have used this on some paper carry bags I have produced and it is an interesting read.

The term “Nude” is quite a reactionary phrase and people tend to associate it with unsavoury images, which is totally not the case. I mean, we are born in the nude, make love and create the next generation in the nude and eventually go to heaven with no earthly possessions, naked as our souls. The feeling of freedom that comes from wearing no clothes is also an interesting concept, free of all of societies bonds and expectations! Being at the beach, next to the water that we sprang from in primorial times and clad in nothing but our skin is the greatest feeling of freedom of them all.

Here in Australia, we tend to spend as much of our time in the hot summer months near the beach, not wearing a lot of clothes. Having something to throw over yourself that is cool and protects your modesty with out feeling like you are wearing a sack is a good thing. That is where the idea of beach dresses comes in handy, or as we call it the ‘sarong’.  Basically that is what “Nude Beach” is all about.  It could be said that “Nude Beach is all about nothing!” But that would be incorrect! Ha! Ha!

Founder of Nude Beach Australia

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