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Australian sarongs are different to the normal type of prints you might find coming from Bali and India because the ideas for the sarong prints come from Australian beaches and environment.


I travel around surfing and diving our beautiful Australian coastline and cannot but be inspired by what I see. Such a wild and varied inspiration for my sarong prints and beachwear which give them a unique flavour that sees Australian sarongs label “Nude Beach” being sent all over the world.

You have found an independant designer having the courage to produce their own work and retail it, quite a rare thing in this society of the huge multi national and cheap low quality products being sold to us. The image in the pic is a foam egg which i covered with my “Nemo reef” print and floated down Morriatie’s Trench near Iluka in NSW which is a 200 meter crack in the rock shelf at Woody head.

About the design:

The tide washes through the trench and allows star fish, shells, soft corals and fish to live in harmony. You can walk along the trench and see all manner of reef life just like viewing a live aquarium in nature. “Nemo reef” was inspired by this very spot and i wanted to take the print back to where I was inspired to see reality pitched against what my mind’s eye envisioned and translated into print.

I placed the sarong fabric covered egg in the trench and photographed it as it floated along the trench. Pretty amazing really! So yeah, the sarong print is as real as the place it came from and the person who designed it, drew it up and took it to India to print it on the finest cotton voile available to man, then bring it back to australia to sell to the world.

When you buy one of my Australian sarongs, you are buying originality and quality innately and profoundly an Australian sarong.

Founder of Nude Beach Australia


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