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Nude beach folding caps

By September 17, 2014June 23rd, 2020No Comments


What makes Beach Caps so unique?

Nude beach caps fold up and go in your pocket! Just when you need a cap, you can pull one out of your pocket, shoulder bag or back pack. Ideal for the overseas traveler or almost anywhere. so handy.

“Did you say a cap that fits into your pocket?”

“Yes!  A cap that folds up to put in your pocket!!”

It is just the thing for when you are traveling or down at the beach! It even has a clever compartment in the top to hide a couple of notes so you and your friend can have a coffee down the beach without having to take your purse or wallet with you.

We gave out a couple of beach caps for road testing on tour in Europe and had heaps of people are already enquiring about them.

Stock will be arriving at the end of October with heaps of colours and designs too!

So keep posted for the release of our Nude Beach Cap or check out our sarongs on our site.

Founder of Nude Beach Australia

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