The Meaning of Sarong

‘Sheath’ : The meaning behind the Sarong

‘Sarong’ or ‘Sarung’ is a Malay and Indonesian word meaning ‘sheath’.

In fashion terms, a sheath is a large piece of fabric that is often wrapped around the waist to cover the body. It is supposed to be wrapped around the body tightly. A sheath should hug the figure of the body.

This is where the meaning of sarong is derived from. The way the sarong was first interpreted to be worn, is to be wrapped tightly around the body, like a tube, especially around the waist. But over the years, the sarong has been accepted into so many cultures; it has become a more relaxed and laid back style of clothing.

Monica_Bellucci_Sheath - Sarong

“An image of Monica Belluci wearing a shealth dress” (This image was taken from Wikipedia)

Nowadays, the sheath has been transformed into an elegant fashion item for women. The sheath can be sleeveless, short or long, above or slightly below the knees, or even mid-calf length. It can be worn as a casual look or with a different style and design to look more formal.

The close fitting dress almost can be described to have the same purpose and characteristics of when the Indonesians first came up with the sarong.

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