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Blog.-design-loveWe Simply Love Sarongs

We get a lot of customers who constantly ask us why we choose to go in the business of designing sarongs, pareos and beachwear. The truth? As silly as this sounds, it’s because we simply can’t get enough of them.

If you think about it, why wouldn’t you love sarongs? Sarongs are such a unique piece of clothing which can be adapted into many design and styles, many people are puzzled by the concept of it. The truth is that there is so much to offer with our sarongs. Here are just a few reasons:

We love the beach, and so do you…

As Australians, we love our beaches and our warm weather. Here at Nude Beach Australia, we would love to share the Australian beach culture with everyone around the world. We want to help make the most of your beach experience, with our sarongs. It is an essential item to have in hot summer weather, making simply tasks a little more comfortable.

The beach is the perfect place to show and flaunt your body. On the other hand, many people get self-conscious when going to the beach even without getting full or half naked. I feel that a good sarong design gives you that extra bit of confidence in yourself, so that you can love going to the beach just as much as we do.

Sun safety is a really big issue for all of us. Most importantly, the sarong, pareo or beach dress can protect and keep your body cool from the warm heat and the sun’s UV rays. To help protect you from the suns UV rays the sarong is a possible solution to protect you from the sun. So cover up at the beach with a sarong.

We believe in quality products…

After shopping around for sarongs, we found that there were a lot of uncomfortable, difficult-to-wear sarongs that just wouldn’t allow you to breathe. You can also find a lot of sarongs, which have not been manufactured correctly making it a little more uncomfortable to wear.

At Nude Beach Australia we assure you that our sarongs are 100% quality cotton. Made by ancient Indian traditional methods, the qualities of the garments are made to the highest standard possible and are unbelievable!

In the end, the quality of the product will determine how comfortable and satisfied you will be with your purchase.

We believe in ethics…

Here at Nude Beach Australia, all the designs on the prints are created from scratch. Our sarongs are printed in a small village in the Hindu Kusch. I personally travel there myself to work with the locals to produce my unique fabrics.

By buying Nude Beach Australia products, you are helping the people from the small Indian village to stay in the home town and not have to move away from their families to find work.

Want to know more about sarongs?

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