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Where my Sarongs come from?

By June 19, 2012June 22nd, 2020One Comment


Where my Sarongs come from?

People often ask where my sarongs come from and when I try to explain the virtues of cotton and how fine the better quality Indian voile can be, they are often skeptical until the touch the fabric and feel it for them selves. You can’t even buy this quality voile over here, and if you could, you would be paying so much for it that a 2.1 meter length would be too expensive as even a plain colour, it would be unfeasible.

Here I am inspecting the raw cotton before it is milled. I buy it in the “greige” state and then it is preshrunk and prepared for printing. There are many processes that the fabric goes through before it is packed and delivered to you in a store or online. Suffice to say that it is a very interesting process and one that I am very involved in.

These people in the village I travel to have been printing cotton voile sarongs since 300 B.C. and the methods have changed little over the years. Inks and designs have evolved, but the basic methods remain the same. Here is the pareo Turtle-black design, dried and ready for curing.

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One Comment

  • Col says:

    Very attractive range of resortwear. Interesting to see to amount of research and development, and attention to detail that goes on behind the scenes

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