Sarongs: Beachwear in Motion Pictures

Pierce Brosnan in a Sarong - Beachwear

(This image was taken from ‘Fanpop – The Thomas Crown Affair’)

Beachwear in Motion Pictures

We have all grown to love things that have become popular through television shows, movies and famous celebrities. Over the past decade, fads and fashions have come and gone, and some still remain mainstream today. As all the different fads and fashion all owned their period of time when they were popular, the sarong beachwear was made familiar with the world in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

“The Sarong Girl” – Dorothy Lamour

During the 1930’s and 1940’s period this popular style of beachwear was made famous by the popular drama film actress, Dorothy Lamour. She had become one of the biggest influences in her films, appearing in 34 feature films, while in 11 of those films she wore a sarong. She was that much associated with the sarong she was later nickname “The Sarong Girl”. Her physical attributes was what made her look so good in a sarong. This began the trend of exoticism in film.

Dorothy Lamour Sarong - Beachwear

(This image was taken from ‘Senses of Cinema’)

Beachwear in Modern Pictures

In films today, the most portrayed and liked style of beachwear should reveal as much skin as possible, such as the famous bikini. But the most memorable film that comes to mind  is ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ starring James Bond hunk, Pierce Brosnan. As shown in the image above, Pierce Brosnan changes the beachwear scene by successfully pulling off a blue waist sarong on the big camera.

Kristen Bell - Sarong - Beachwear

(This image was taken from ‘HotFlick’)

You can also check out Kirsten Bell looking gorgeous in a sarong in the romantic comedy ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshal’.

Sarongs have been a star on the big screens for a long time now. So don’t just think that this style beachwear will go out of style, because like the good old denim, it wont.

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