Sarongs: Beachwear and Similar Garments

Sarongs - Nude Beach AustraliaThe traditional sarong has been around for many decades and has been an essential and cultural item of clothing for many regions around the world. Across all regions, the sarong can vary from style, colour, use and by different names.

Now in modern days, the sarong has been slowly transformed into a fashion statement as an item of beachwear. With many people around the world and famous celebrities being seen wearing in different ways and as an alternative of beachwear.

It is a positive sign to see that all other and similar garments can relate and originated back to the sarong. The basic garment still remains a core item of clothing that has played a major role in influencing other similar garments around the world.

In parts of the worlds and many regions the sarong can be seen as traditional item of clothing or simply an item of beachwear. The different names and different uses of the sarong can been in:


  • East Africa – ‘Kanga’
  • Madagascar – ‘Lamba’
  • Malawi – ‘Chitenje’
  • Mauritius – ‘Pareos’
  • Mozambique – ‘Capulana’
  • South Africa – ‘Kikoi’ (also used as a style of beachwear)
  • Zimbabwe – ‘Zambias’

South America

  • Brazil – ‘Kangas’ or ‘Cangas’ (also worn as beachwear)


South Asia

  • Bangladesh – ‘Lungi’
  • India – ‘Phanek’
  • Maldives – ‘Mundu’
  • Punjab – ‘Chadra’
  • Sri Lanka – ‘Sarama’

Southeast Asia

  • Cambodia – ‘Sampot’
  • Indonesia – ‘Sarung’
  • Malaysia – ‘Kain pelikat’, ‘kain sarung’, ‘kain tenun,’ ‘kain batik’, or ‘kain sampin’.
  • Myanmar – ‘Longyi’
  • Philippines – ‘Malong’
  • Thailand – ‘A pa kao mah’ (for men), ‘pa toong’ (for women)

Pacific Islands

  • Fiji – ‘Sulu’
  • Hawaii – ‘Kikepa’
  • Papua New guinea – ‘Lap-lap’
  • Rotuma – ‘Ha’ Fali’
  • Samoa – ‘Lavalava’
  • Tahiti – ‘Pareu’
  • Tonga – ‘Tupenu’

All over the world, sarongs are still a popular form of clothing. Because of its popularity and its versatility, it is also used as other similar garments and beachwear.

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