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Nude Pants on a Sarong Safari!

Hey all! Blog number two and just received some pics from a couple of intrepid travelers who used the Nude Beach pants to travel around Africa! Unreal! It is so exciting to find people enjoying what I do and taking the end product around the world to far away places! Since the new web site has gone up I have had all sorts of testimonials and followers on Facebook and Twitter!

Now, Nude Beach Pants on Safari! Excellent! Gayle and her husband Mark also sent in a Testimonial about their nude beach pants! You will find that in “About us” Testimonials! I’ll let them tell you what they thought about the product.

Founder of Nude Beach Australia

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  • Lin says:

    Its making me reregt leaving the sarong at home in favour of the trekking towel!My partner loves them but prefers to call his a lungi I guess it sounds more manly than sarong!

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