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Cruising the Tropics in Nude Beach Sarongs

By June 27, 2012June 23rd, 2020One Comment


Cruising the Tropics in Nude Beach Sarongs

There is nothing like cruising up the Queensland coast on the “Pacific Sun”  for a week to settle jangled nerves! A friend of mine sent me these shots of her relaxing in various destinations on her Cruise in her sarongs and beach pants. She and her girlfriend decided to get away from it all and have some fun without husbands and kids for a change.

They mentioned to me that they used the “Nude Beach” sarongs and beach pants they purchased quite a bit, both on board and when they went ashore! It seems the cotton voile was very comfortable and easy to wear in any cruising situation. Around the pool, at the bar and even in the restaurants, with no need to go back to the room to get changed. Apparently they received quite a number of favourable comments about the designs being “a bit of fun” and the quality of the fabric! Nice to hear! Thanks ladies! Sarongs are so comfortable they make you feel you are on holidays

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