Sarong Beach List: Top Beaches in Hawaii

hawaiian beach - nude beach australiaSarong Beach List: Top Beaches in Hawaii


If you are looking for beautiful white sandy beaches, clear blue turquoise waters and to ride the best waves, then Hawaii is definitely the place to be. Hawaii is home to the best beaches and tropical weather in the world. It is for sure the place to be if you are looking for an escape and enjoy the beautiful scenery and bathe in the gleaming sun.

With almost more than 6 million tourists that visit Hawaii every year, Hawaii is sure to live up to everyone’s expectations in a dream beach holiday. You will sure find it difficult to run out of activities to do in Hawaii.

If you’re not the beach type, you can also check out the scenery and what Hawaii has to offer. From beautiful coastal lines to active volcanoes, you will enjoy every second of your time in Hawaii making you not want to leave.

Hawaii’s beaches are all you can imagine for in a beach. All thanks to the hollywood movies for showcasing all the island’s beautiful assets and they have to offer. As romantic  or exciting as it seems, it is all true. So make sure to brush up on your swimming, surfing, and tanning skills before you decide to check out Hawaii, because you will be sure to be doing that when you visit.

Here are our top beaches to visit in Hawaii:

  • Diamond Head
  • Waikiki
  • Waimanalo Bay, Beach Park

These Hawaiian beaches are extremely popular with the visitors and are one of the best spots in Hawaii.

Visiting these Hawaiian beaches is definitely a must, on your bucket list.

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