Sarong Beach List: Top Beaches in California

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Sarong Beach List: Top Beaches in California

Do you remember in numerous films and TV shows where you saw a whole lot of people in short-shorts rollerblading along the beach, bodybuilders flexing their muscles and lifeguards running in slow-mo? It is most likely based on a typical idealistic “Californian” beach setting.

It is mostly sunny in California which probably explains why some people refer it to as the ‘Golden State’. We hear California mentioned a lot in songs and see it in movies quite a bit. There is no doubt that everyone has their own picture in their head when the word California is brought up. But if theres any stereotype about California that is true, it would be the sandy beaches and the beautiful sunny weather.

California is home to 840 miles of beautiful coastline which makes the beach not to far away from anyone that lives there. The beaches that California have to offer is one things that should be on your bucket list. The list of activities to do there are endless.

Here are our top sarong suggested beaches to visit in California:

These locations are also a very likely place to find an A-List Hollywood Celebrity.

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Find out more of about our other sarong suggested beaches by checking out Florida and Hawaii beaches.

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