A Step by Step Guide: How to tie a Folded Hip Tie

One of the most frequently asked questions at Nude Beach Australia is, “What is the best way to tie a sarong?”

Sarongs are a popular style of clothing perfect for the outdoors and summer weather.  As the sarong is used by different regions and interpreted into many different cultures, there are several ways to tie one. There are also other several ways to wear a sarong depending on the weather, personal taste and occasion.

Here is a quick and simply guide to demonstrate the ‘Folded Hip Tie’ sarong style.

The Folded Hip Tie Sarong

Step 1:

The Folded Hip Tie Sarong - Step 1Fold the sarong half way so that the fabric forms an even square. Make sure that each end of the fabric meets the other end and that all corners of the sarong meet.

Step 2:

The Folded Hip Tie Sarong - Step 2Place the sarong behind your waist so that your body is positioned at the centre of the fabric. Hold two corners of the sarong at each hand. Make sure that the sarong is turned over, so that the folded section of the sarong is being held by each hand.

Step 3:

The Folded Hip Tie Sarong - Step 3Hold the sarong against your waist and wrap the sarong around, so that the corners meet together at the side of your hip. Continue to tie the corner together into a knot. It is best to tie two knots to make sure that the sarong is secured tightly around the waist.

Step 4:

The Folded Hip Tie Sarong - Step 4You can also style things up a little more and show little more skin by separating the gap created at the knot. This style is popular and very simple and easy to wear.

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