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Sarong design is what I’ve to do and this year I have a new range of sarongs for you to wear and enjoy. Turtles have always been a popular theme with sarong design and i have featured them in this years design palette.

Turtles are an important part of the marine ecology and most of my designs are focused on that and the wonderful bio diversity of the Great Barrier reef which I have sailed and snorkelled on for years. Every time I dive on the reef I see something new that inspires me to get out my sketch pad and play with design ideas.

The turtles in this design are not turtles at all, but sea shells arranged to look like turtles which fools most people until they have a closer look and see the shells. Design can be a wonderful thing, especially when there is a twist and the design is not a literal depiction of what is in front of you. It makes the design interesting and quirky.

My reef print from this year is also my impression of snorkelling over the reef in my own quirky style, also featured on my range of mens summer shirts.

Founder of Nude Beach Australia