A Step by Step Guide: How to tie a Gathered Knot Sarong

The Gathered Knot Sarong

Step 1:

The Gathered Knot Sarong - Step 1

First, place the sarong behind your back so that your body is positioned at the centre of the fabric. Hold two corners of the sarong at each hand.

Step 2:

The Gathered Knot Sarong - Step 2

Wrap the sarong around yourself, from the arms length position all the way to the front of your body so that the two corners of the sarong meet. Continue to move the point where the two corners meet, to one side of the body. Move your hands back along the cloth to where the two points of fabric meet at the bust.

Step 3:

The Gathered Knot Sarong - Step 3

Using the fabric along the bust, gather enough material together in your hands to tie a knot next to the chest. Make sure there is enough cloth to tie two knots to make it extra tight and secure. At this step, you can leave it as it is or continue to create a flattering look.

Step 4:

The Gathered Knot Sarong - Step 4

Grab one of the sarong corners from one of the free hanging end. Slide one of the free hanging corner ends and tuck it up from under the knots, at the bust, then back over the top. Just enough so that a ‘hand-length’ of fabric comes over the top.

Step 5:

The Gathered Knot Sarong- Step 5

Pull the tail out from under the arm to finish off. You could also do the exact same with the other remaining free hanging end. This will create a ruffle effect which will give it an appearance of a big flower.

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