A Step by Step Guide: How to tie a Front Knot Sarong

The Front Knot Sarong

Step 1:

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Firstly, place the the sarong in front of you so that your body is positioned in the centre of the fabric. Wrap the sarong around you from the front, so that you are able to gather the two top corners together behind your body and then cross the corners. Make sure that the sarong is wrapped around the body tight enough so that your are able to move around comfortably.

Step 2:

The Front Knot Sarong - Step 2

Bring your hands around to the front of your body. When sarong is at the front of your body, cross the corners of the fabric again. In this process, each hand must exchange the sarong corner into the other hand.

Step 3:

The Front Knot Sarong - Step 3

When each of the corners are crossed over from the previous step. Pull the sarong tightly across your bust enough so that you can still breathe. Tie both corners around and then into knot.

Step 4:

The Front Knot Sarong - Step 4

You could also choose to tie the sarong knot above or below your bust, to whichever best suits your mood or occasion at the time.

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